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Recherche agroalimentaire et Formation agroalimentaire - Adria Développement
ADRIA Développement, centre d'expertises et de transfert, leader en sécurité des aliments, accompagne les industriels de l'agroalimentaire : formation, conseils, veille, recherche et innovation. Adria Développement EnglishADRIA Développement is a recognised Agro Industry Technical Institute (ITAI). ADRIA provides innovation, training and consulting services for the food and diagnostic industries.
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Tools used by ADRIA's experts

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Thanks to a wide range of tools, ADRIA can provide tailor-made services even-more sophisticated and conduct research in the best conditions. These tools offered by ADRIA can also be used by food industries when they need them.

ADRIA possesses a know-how in formulation innovation based on ingredients functional and texture properties:

-          Determination of ingredients functional properties
-          Predictive modelling of the formulations water activities to prevent microbial, enzymatic and oxidation spoilage
-          Formulation optimisation in order to decrease salt and sugar concentrations, and improve functional properties
-          Predictive modelling of water transfer in composite foods
-          Shelf-life determination 

> AwDesigner

ADRIA Développement offers software for water activity calculation in food (Aw) very useful for all actors in the food industry. The main concept is to calculate and predict the water activity of a formulation through a database of more than 230 ingredients and mathematical models. It will help to accelerate product innovation by saving development time, labor and raw materials, while controlling this crucial parameter stability and organoleptic health, what the water activity.

To learn more about AwDesigner click here.






> Mathematical tools


> Pulsotypage 16s-17

  > TTGE (Temporal Temperature Gel Electrophoresis)



> Sym’Previus

Sym’Previus is a collection of tools for food safety inspections designed for food sector businesses to help:

-          Strengthen HACCP plans,
-          Develop new products,
-          Better understand and quantify microbial behaviour,
-          Determine shelf lives and improve food safety.
Sym'Previus is intended for quality managers or R & D managers. It reduces the implementation lead time and the number of experimental tests. It provides arguments using the most recent predictive microbiological models. Sym’Previus expert centres offer training in its use.

To learn more about Sym’Previus click here.




> Collection of micro-organism strains

To conduct its studies, ADRIA possesses an extended collection of micro-organism strains, which are identified and characterised using the relevant serological, biochemical and molecular methods, and representing the biodiversity encountered in food industries







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