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Sym'Previus software

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Sym'Previus Software


Sym'Previus, an operational system

Sym’Previus is a collection of tools for food safety inspections designed for food sector businesses to help:

  • Strengthen HACCP plans,
  • Develop new products,
  • Better understand and quantify microbial behaviour,
  • Determine shelf lives and improve food safety.

Sym'Previus is intended for quality managers or R & D managers. It reduces the implementation lead time and the number of experimental tests. It provides arguments using the most recent predictive microbiological models. Sym’Previus expert centres offer training in its use.

Sym’Previus is a tool that is constantly evolving with its database and simulation tools being added to through its involvement in national and European research programmes. It's a reliable tool that complies with the requirements of European regulations (EC) no. 2073/2005 and no.1441/2007 concerning microbiological criteria applicable to foodstuffs.

Sym'Previus is a decision making tool based on predictive microbiology 

Access software

Sym'Previus is a decision making tool based on predictive microbiology. These tools are available on-line by simply taking out a subscription to the operational cell. The complementarity of these modules provides numerous simulation options:

1) Probabilistic module
Evaluates consumer exposure to microbial dangers during a product's shelf-life. This approach integrates the specific variables related to the product and its production site to provide a personalised result. 

2) HACCP assistance: Identification of microbiological dangers
Analyses the behaviour of 14 bacteria species simultaneously during a procedure. This model identifies the critical species that should be used to determine product shelf life. 

3) Affiliation to phylogenetic groups (I to VII) into the Bacillus cereus Group
A rapid method to assign bacterial isolates to groups I to VII based on partial sequence of panC as compared to reference strains published by Guinebretiere et al. 

4) Growth interfaces
Simulates the influence of various factors (pH, aw, temperature) on bacterial growth of pathogens and spoilage species. This model produces growth isoprobability graph defining growth / no growth boundary. 

5) Growth simulation
Simulates growth taking into account foodstuff, temperature, pH, aw and bacterial characteristics. These factors may be constant or variable over time (cold chain failure, acidification, etc.). 

6) Growth curve fitting
This module calculates typical characteristics for your foodstuff which are then used to simulate microbial growth under various conditions.

7) Thermal destruction simulation
Evaluates the effectiveness of a thermal profile for bacterial destruction for many bacterial species. This model calculates the rate of reduction at the end of a treatment and the probability of a bacteria to survive. 

8) Bacterial survival simulation
Simulates the regression of a bacterial species when the foodstuff is no longer favourable to its growth (e.g.: Fermented products, salt cured...). The module estimates the time required to inhibit contaminating bacterial species. 

9) Database
This database contains growth, survival and thermal destruction kinetics obtained in foodstuffs for main pathogens and spoilage microorganisms

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Sym'Previus is a decision making tool based on predictive microbiology


Sym'Previus is a decision making tool based on predictive microbiology


Sym'Previus is a decision making tool based on predictive microbiology