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Spoilers2017 Presentations

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Microbial Spoilers in Food 2017

28 - 29 - 30 June - Quimper

Super spoilers, wonder spores and diehard microorganisms : New insights to integrate these super foes in food spoilage risk management

There is always ONE, ONLY ONE, BUT ONE which is able to resist or resuscitate after inactivation processes, which is able to adapt or is naturally adapted to acid and/or low moisture formulations, as well as low temperature and/or heat treatment,… and this ONLY ONE is finally able to grow causing food spoilage and economical losses! This only one is always of major concern for food quality and production managers. How does one deal with them? One way to proceed is to learn more about these diehard microorganisms.

The challenge of this new edition of “Microbial Spoilers In Food” will be to gather scientists, food quality and production managers and project leaders in food innovation to exchange knowledge and experience on this specific topic.

  • Session 1 :
    Part 1 - Biodiversity of fungal food spoilers
    Part 2 - Biodiversity of bacterial food spoilers

  • Session 2 : Methodology

  • Session 3 : Physiology and metabolism of spoilage microorganisms

  • Session 4 : How to fight super spoilers?

The SPOILERS2017 international scientific symposium was a remarkable success: it attracted 130 participants from 21 countries. The large participation of the food & diagnosis industries (30% of the participants), the contributions of the leading academic and technical organisations on the developed topics, highlighted the widespread interests related to microbial spoilers in food. Indeed, we were at maximum capacity due to the overwhelming response and interest from presenters, speakers, and attendees.





Best Poster


Best Presentation

Martin HEBEL

Scientist at the University of Bonn was awarded 
for his poster

Determination of the total viable count on fresh meat by a handheld
fluorescence spectrometer



Scientist at the University of Bretagne Occidentale was awarded for the presentation

Modelling the temporal heterogeneity of the sporulation in a
planktonic culture of Bacillus subtilis



Scientist University of Bretagne Occidentale was awarded for the presentation

 Development of antifungal ingredients for dairy products: from in vitro screening to pilot-scale applications


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Microbial Spoilers in food 2017 presentations