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Recherche agroalimentaire et Formation agroalimentaire - Adria Développement
ADRIA Développement, centre d'expertises et de transfert, leader en sécurité des aliments, accompagne les industriels de l'agroalimentaire : formation, conseils, veille, recherche et innovation. Adria Développement EnglishADRIA Développement is a recognised Agro Industry Technical Institute (ITAI). ADRIA provides innovation, training and consulting services for the food and diagnostic industries.
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Ongoing National Programs

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  Objectives: The general objective of the project is to enable the quantification of the heat-resistance of pathogenic flora in the egg white, from upstream to downstream stages of pasteurization processes. Such works will enable to accurately determine the real impact of the egg white matrix during heat treatments.
 Beginning: 14 December 2012
 Coordinator: Véronique HUCHET
 Total cost: € 220,479
 Funding: € 48,534 from Valorial


  Title: Composition, gas dynamics and optimisation of the commodities protection in modified atmosphere packaging
Objectives: The MAP’OPT project’s objective is to explain, quantify and model the effects of modified atmospheres according to the packages in the preservation of the food microbiologic quality.
Beginning: January 2011
Duration: 4 years
Coordinator: Dominique THUAULT, ADRIA Développement
Partners: ADRIA NORMANDIE, AERIAL, Air liquid, ADRIA Développement, INRA METARISK, LNE, Soredab, LUBEM, UBO, UMR IATE Université de Montpellier II
Funding € 609,913 from the ANR


  Title: New approaches for the assessment of the compromise microbiological risk/nutritional benefit concerning heat-treated vegetables
Objectives: The objectives are to develop an original statistical approach enabling the assessment of the benefit/risk compromise in the case of heat-treated vegetables and to create an online decision-making tool software aimed at professionals to determine the risk/benefit compromise.
Beginning: January 2010
Duration: 4 years
Work Packages:

WP1. Identification of the critical stages and parameters in vegetables processing industries
WP2. Impact of the food physical and chemical conditions during process and storage on the vitamins (benefit)
WP3. Impact of the food physical and chemical conditions during process and storage on pathogenic spore-forming bacteria (risk)
WP4. Development of a probabilistic model assessing the risk/benefit compromise
WP5. Development of a decision making tool

Coordinator: Christophe NGUYEN-THE, INRA
Partners: INRA, AgroParisTech, Aérial, CTCPA, UBO, CREALINE, BONDUELLE
Total cost: € 2.417,000
Funding € 750,000 from the ANR
Labelling: Competitiveness clusters PEIFL (European Cluster of Fruits and Vegetables Innovation) and VALORIAL


  Title: Impact of the modified atmosphere on the meat and seafood products conservation
Objectives: The real issue of this applied research program is to get enough information on the trio (food matrix/modified atmosphere/kind of packaging), in order to lead to best the choice of packaging and atmosphere according to the nature of the food.
Beginning: Late 2011
Duration: 2 years
Work Packages:  Second level: Use of the predictive microbiology, with the Sym’Previus software, in order to optimise the studied food products shelf-life.
Coordinator: Arnaud BOZEC, IFIP
Partners: ONIRIS, Adria Développement, Institut de l’élevage, Elivia, Ronsard, Air Liquide, Mer Alliance, Marine Harvest, Moulin de la Marche, Capitaine Houat, Aquadis, Guelt 
Funding Valorial


PHYsiology of the Micromycetes of Food Interest
  Title: Development of a model for the prediction of the fungal flora behaviours (yeasts and moulds)
Objectives: The « Phymia » project proposes to characterize and model the physiologic behaviour of fungal flora of food, in particular dairy, interest.
Beginning: 2011
Duration: 2 years 
Coordinator: LUBEM
Partners: BBA, UBO, LUBEM, IUT Caen (ERPCB) and Université de Bourgogne (GPMA)
Total cost: € 237,490
Funding € 121,550 from Valorial, BBA and the county councils of Basse Normandie and Pays de Loire


  Title: Innovative project for the control of airborne contaminations to reduce or even eliminate the preservatives in finished products
Objectives: The project’s objective is to develop an innovative method of packaging to approach the sterilization and an airborne contaminations control during a cooling and packing stage.
Beginning: 25 March 2011
Total cost: € 1.045,930
Funding € 402,994 from the competitiveness cluster Valorial
€ 43,700 to ADRIA Développement