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Recherche agroalimentaire et Formation agroalimentaire - Adria Développement
ADRIA Développement, centre d'expertises et de transfert, leader en sécurité des aliments, accompagne les industriels de l'agroalimentaire : formation, conseils, veille, recherche et innovation. Adria Développement EnglishADRIA Développement is a recognised Agro Industry Technical Institute (ITAI). ADRIA provides innovation, training and consulting services for the food and diagnostic industries.
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Events of 2013

13 December SPORE'UP Meeting Rennes, France
12 December AFNOR  Water Microbiology T90D Working group & Technical committe Paris, France
15-16 October DREAM Final annual meeting Bari,
08 October AFNOR  Water Microbiology T90D Working group & Technical committe Paris, France
26 September AFNOR Food Microbiology V08B Working group & Technical committe Paris, France
16-20 September 
ICPMF8 - International Conference on Predicting Modelling in Food Annual meeting Paris, France
PDF FilesDownload ICPMF8 programme PDF FilesDownload ADRIA'S presentation  
 9-10 September qPCR & digital PCR congress  International Symposium Lyon, France
PDF FilesDownload programme
25-28 August AOAC Annual meeting Chicago, Illinois, USA
PDF FilesDownload programme
 28-31 July IAFP   Annual meeting Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
PDF FilesDownload posters and presentations 
1-3 July SPOILERS2013 - MICROBIAL SPOILERS IN FOOD 2013 International Symposium - Every 4 years
Quimper, France
PDF FilesDownload Spoilers2013 posters and presentations  
24-26 June DREAM International Conference "From Model Foods to Food Models" Nantes, France
24-26 June AFNOR ISO/TC 34/SC9/WG12 Detection of spoilage thermo-acidophilic sporeforming bacteria Technical committe Berlin, Germany
13 June AFNOR  Water Microbiology T90D Working group & Technical committe  
11 June RMT CHLEAN Annual meeting  
30 May AFNOR Food Microbiology V08B Working group & Technical committe Marseille, France
15-17 May International Association for Food Protection European Symposium on Food Safety  
13 May SPORE'UP Meeting  
25 March Distinction between B thuringiensis/ B cereus for amendment of EN ISO 7932 “standard evaluation of B cereus in food” Working group  
21 March AFNOR Food Microbiology V08B Working group & Technical committe  
13 & 21 March SPORE'UP PhD committee  
15 March AFNOR ISO/SC9/V01C test de croissance Working group & Technical committe  
7-8 March


Annual meeting Valencia, Spain
07 February AFNOR  Water Microbiology T90D Working group & Technical committe  
30 January UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
24 January AFNOR Food Microbiology V08B Working group & Technical committe  
15 January RMT CHLEAN  Meeting  

Events of 2012

14 December UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
10-12 December BIOFILMS 5 International Conference Paris, France
21 November DREAM WP7meeting Viroflay
15 November SUSCLEAN WP1meeting  
17 October RMT CHLEAN    
23 October BIOMERIEUX 12th symposium « Actualités & perspectives en microbiologie alimentaire » Paris, France
11 October European Food test summit   Marnes la Coquette, France
1 October UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
October RMT CHLEAN    
24 September Spore’up Meeting  
3-7 September Food Micro 2012 International Congress Istanbul, Turkey
30 July UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
22-25 july IAFP 2012 Annual Meeting Providence, Rhode Island, US
15 June ACTIA UMT Network day Paris, France
21-23 May IAFP 2012 European Symposium on Food Safety Warsaw, Poland
15 May UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
23 April DREAM Annual meeting Budapest, Hungary
28 March SUSCLEAN Workshop Lille, France
27-28 March SUSCLEAN Kick-Off meeting Lille, France

Events of 2011

13 October ADEBIOTECH/ National network BIOFILMS Colloque « gestion des biofilms enjeux industriels » Romainville, France
6-7 October DREAM WP7 Meeting  Chipping Campden, UK
18-21 September AOAC 125th annual meeting  New Orleans, Louisiana, US
12-15 September ICPMF 7th International Conference on Prededictive Modelling of Food Quality and Safety  Dublin, Ireland
01 September UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
31 July-3 August IAFP Annual meeting  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
18-20 April CIGR 6th International CIGR Technical Symposium  Nantes, France
23-27 May FIL IDF  IDF/ISO Analytical week  Lyon, France
18-20 May IAFP European conference  Ede, the Netherlands
17-20 May DREAM Annual meeting  Ljubljana, Slovenia
12 May RMT CHLEAN    Quimper, France
30 March DREAM WP7 Meeting  Bari, Italy
11 February DREAM WP6 Meeting  
30 January UMT PHYSI’Opt Report  

Events of 2010

18-19 November MEMOSPORE Final Conference « Nouvelles avancées sur la connaissance des spores bactériennes dans les IAA » Avignon, France
3-5 November ICAR 2010 International conference on antimicrobial research Vallaloid, Spain
17-21 October SIAL SIAL 2010 Paris, France
26-29 September AOAC 124th Annual meeting Orlando, Florida, USA
30 August-3 September FOODMICRO 2010 22nd International ICFMH Symposium Copenhagen, Danemark
10 August UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
20 July UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
22 June DREAM WP6 Meeting Phone conference
May PAO « Rencontres thématiques BBA: la microbiologie dans l’industrie laitière »  Rennes, France
31 March RMT CHLEAN    
22-24 March Fouling and cleaning in food processing Conference  Cambridge, UK
30 January UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
11-12 January National network BIOFILMS Conference « Biofilms et Santé »  Poitiers, France

Events of 2009

11 September DREAM WP7 Meeting  Budapest, Hungary
9-11 September ICPMF 6th International Conference on Predictive Modeling in Foods  Washington DC, USA
30 July UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  
15-17 June SPORE 2009 Symposium on sporulated bacteria in the food industry  Quimper, France
4 June UMT PHYSI’OPT Annual meeting  
25-26 May DREAM Kick-off meeting  Nantes, France
13 March PAO Meeting on food security and nutrition "croiser les acquis de deux filières"  Rennes, France
30 January UMT PHYSI’OPT Report  

Events of 2008

1-3 September FOODMICRO 2008 21st International ICFMH Symposium Evolving Microbial Food Quality and Safety
 Aberdeen, UK
27 March GEN2BIO    Saint-Malo, France

Events of 2007

16-19 September ICPMF 5th International symposium  Athens, Greece