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Recherche agroalimentaire et Formation agroalimentaire - Adria Développement
ADRIA Développement, centre d'expertises et de transfert, leader en sécurité des aliments, accompagne les industriels de l'agroalimentaire : formation, conseils, veille, recherche et innovation. Adria Développement EnglishADRIA Développement is a recognised Agro Industry Technical Institute (ITAI). ADRIA provides innovation, training and consulting services for the food and diagnostic industries.
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ADRIA scientists and engineers coordinate R&D programs and support actions for tomorrow's food, in close collaboration with food industry networks and advisory boards, as well as with international applied research organizations. R&D activities focus on:
 - Predictive model conception to improve food safety, quality and functionality from farm to fork,
 - Spoilage and pathogen behaviour analysis to improve CIP procedures  and prevent food product contaminations,
 - Technological and probiotic microflora analysis to optimise their use in fermented and preservation processes,
 - Advanced analysis tools development to improve food safety and quality,
 - New diagnosis methods validation according to the ISO 16140 standard,
 -  Consumers’ behaviours analysis to fit with their expectations in food products and packaging innovations.

     Validation of alternative methods in food and water microbiology  

Microbiological, molecular and product innovation studies





Public research programs  






     Food industries audit  
     Training & Workshop