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Presentation of Spore 2009

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Colloque scientifique Spore 2009

15,16,17 June 2009


Quimper, FRANCE

The range of subjects covered by the communication panels included biodiversity and prevalence, systems biology, quantitative risk assessment, new advances in rapid analysis tools, epidemiology, food spoilage, positive microflora, adhesion to equipment surfaces, spore resistance and process optimisation. The conferences produced a variety of perspectives on increasingly critical issues, and new strategies for better control.

The SPORE2009 international scientific symposium was a remarkable success: it attracted 130 participants from 27 countries. The large participation of the food & diagnosis industries (30% of the participants), the contributions of the leading academic and technical organisations on the developed topics, highlighted the widespread interests related to "Spore forming Bacteria in Food". Indeed, we were at maximum capacity due to the overwhelming response and interest from presenters, speakers, and attendees!

Symposia topics

  • Spore forming bacteria biodiversity and prevalence
  • Foodborne spoilage microflora
  • Pathogens, toxins and food poisoning
  • Rapid detection tools and decision making tools
  • Strategies and control of unintended sporeformer contaminants
  • Heat resistance and process optimisation
  • Genome dynamics and taxonomy
  • Risk assessment, predictive modelling, dose response modelling
  • Hot topics: regulation proposition, EU researchSporeformers and adhesion to equipement surfaces
  • Sporeformers as positive microflora
  • Systems biology

Scientific Committee

      Organising Committee
Leguerinel Ivan
Sohier Daniele
LUBEM Quimper, France
ADRIA Développement Quimper, France
      ADRIA Développement LUBEM Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille
Brul Stanley
Carlin Frédéric
Coroller Louis
De Vos Paul
Faille Christine
Gervais Patrick
Heyndrickx Marc
Kolsto Anne-Brit
Mafart Pierre
Mathot Anne-Gabrielle
Peck Mickael
Palop Alfredo
Postollec Florence
Raso Javier
Thuault Dominique
Tsuchido Tetsuaki
Van Immerseel Filip
Zwietering Marcel
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
INRA of Avignon, France
LUBEM Quimper, France
University of Ghent, Belgium
INRA of Lille, France
ENSBANA Dijon, France
ILVO Institute Melle, Belgium
University of Oslo, Norway
LUBEM Quimper, France
LUBEM Quimper, France
IFR institute, United Kingdom
University of Cartagena, Spain
ADRIA Développement Quimper, France
Faculty of Zaragosa, Spain
ADRIA Développement Quimper, France
Kansai University, Japan
University of Ghent, Belgium
University of Wageningen, The Netherlands